create an AI chatbot

create an AI chatbot
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grade: 6-12 (Middle & High school)
modularity: per units
units length: 7-22h
full curriculum length: 64-82h

standards alignment: NGSS, ISTE


class preparation materials: ✅
software kit: ✅


teacher training: ✅
class management: ✅
in-action coaching: ✅

21st century skills and competences:

Software Design Development
Block Coding
Machine Learning
Syntax Coding
Software Configuration
Software Troubleshooting
Input/Output Management
Engineering Development Process
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Data Analysis
Inquiry Skills
Analytical Skills

As a result of this course, students create a useful, fully functional chatbot for their school's (or any other) website.

Stemi's cutting-edge EdTech experience turns classrooms into AI labs, where students get to design and develop chatbots of immediate practical use. 

The content is gradually guiding students through multiple phases, enabling them to create a full cycle AI chatbot product, from initial idea to development and implementation in the end.

Creating an AI Chatbot experience has been specifically tailored to keep the students' interest at a higher level. A lot of small, interesting activities are incorporated throughout the whole experience. Activities are designed to be interactive and have various forms, such as - quizz, programming exercise, research and discussion.


With multiple variations of this program available, it is suitable for both middle and high school students. Additionally, due to its modular capabilities, it fits into any classroom schedule.

Elizabeth Collucio

Elizabeth Collucio

Science Department Chair

I was inspired by the amount of growth I saw in each of the students, and I am confident that the skills these students learned will be valuable in their future education and careers.
Ena Kosanovic

Ena Kosanovic

Project Officer, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP BiH)

In seven months, we've seen teachers transform into happy, confident and dedicated advocates for STEM in their classrooms.
Tina Henckel

Tina Henckel

Director of STEM

The experiences students gain after completing any one of Stemi and Milestone C courses, will not only prepare them for a future career in a STEM field but, more importantly, for life.